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* The Billing Rollography1 lists the following pseudonyms used on Piano Rolls actually authored by J. Lawrence Cook:

* Bob Alden 
* Ted Baxter
* Tom Blake
* Pep Doyle
* Joseph Hilliard
* Eubie Jones
* Sid Laney
* Osborne & Howe
* Raymond O'Brien
* Alfred Parker
* Walter Redding
* Freddie Scott
* Harold Scott
* Al Sinclair
* George Stanley
* Fats Waller
* Jeff Watters
* Pete Wendling (after Wendling left QRS in 1925)
* Cal Welsh 
* Bob Williams, Jr.

* Some of these names were QRS "house pseudonyms" used by several real arrangers, so not all the rolls credited to them are necessarily the work of J. Lawrence Cook.

* J. Lawrence Cook considered Sid Laney to be his "official pseudonym" which he chose himself: 'Sid' was from Sydney, Australia and 'Laney' was from Lucy Laney who was principal of the boarding school (the Haines Normal & Industrial Institute) in Augusta, GA that Cook attended from 1912.

1. The information on this page is taken from The Billings Rollography (Rock Soup, 1994), Volume 3, QRS Pianists 1917-1934 and Volume 5, QRS Pianists, History 1934-1994The Billings Rollography is a five-volume set of QRS Company History & Memorabilia compiled by Ginny & Bob Billings and published by them.  They may be contacted at 14010 Rim Rock Drive, Reno, NV 89511-7347, U.S.A.

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