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Last modified: Sunday, 14 August, 2016

*0 Shellwood Productions have produced a brand new 74-minute J. Lawrence Cook CD: Tiger Rag (cover art on the right - click to see full-size). Released on 1st June, this is a must-have for all piano roll fans, and indeed all lovers of good piano music!

*0 The disc features performances of no less than 31 J. Lawrence Cook piano rolls. All of the rolls have been newly recorded, at Shellwood, by pianolists of the calibre of Julian Dyer, Dan Wilson, Philip Legg and Mike Lorenzini.

*0 The rolls are recorded being played on a 208cm (that's roughly seven foot) Seiler Grand Piano by an 88-note Aeolian "push-up" Pianola. The sound (engineered by Philip Legg) is superb and the music sublime!

*0 The tracks on the CD are:
    Pianolist QRS Roll #
1. Stumbling (Confrey) Philip Legg 9135
2. South Rampart Street Parade (Baldrick/Haggart) Mike Lorenzini 9032
3. The Very Thought of You (Noble) Philip Legg 9443
4. Sugar Foot Stomp (Oliver/Armstrong)

Dan Wilson

5. When my Sugar Walks Down the Street (Austin/McHugh/Mills) Philip Legg 9514
6. Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin) Philip Legg 7308
7. Tiger Rag (Rocca/da Silva) Mike Lorenzini 5353
8. Claire de la Lune (Debussy) Julian Dyer 8021
9. When All the Saints Come Marchin' In (McCravey) Mike Lorenzini 3554
10. Bill Bailey (won't you please come home) (Cannon) Philip Legg 9553
11. Anchors Aweigh (Zimmerman) Julian Dyer 4961
12. Sweet Lorraine (Burwell) Dan Wilson XP276
13. My Honey's Lovin' Arms (Rube/Myer) Julian Dyer 1944
14. Shadow Waltz (Warren) Dan Wilson XP199
15. High Octane (Erroll Garner) Dan Wilson XP290
16. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Henderson) Philip Legg 3298
17. Mr. Sandman (Ballard) Mike Lorenzini 9097
18. Get Happy (Kohler/Arlen) Philip Legg 4973
19. It's the Talk of the Town (Symes) Julian Dyer 9218
20. St. Louis Blues Boogie (Handy) Julian Dyer 7971

I've Got You Under My Skin (Porter)

Julian Dyer 9156
22. Holiday for Strings (Rose) Julian Dyer 7908
23. Laura (Raksin) Julian Dyer 8028
24. Stompin' at the Savoy (Goodman/Webb/Samson) Philip Legg 9530
25. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby (Mercer/Warren) Julian Dyer 9679
26. California Here I Come (Jolson/Meyer) Philip Legg 8452
27. Gotta be This or That (Skylar) Dan Wilson XP225
28. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (Selts/Lockhart) Mike Lorenzini 8777
29. Royal Garden Blues (S. & C. Williams) Philip Legg 9320
30. Limehouse Blues (Braham) Mike Lorenzini 2666
31. Copenhagen (Melrose/Davis) Philip Legg 9682

*0 The generous booklet that comes with the CD features a thoughtful essay from Julian Dyer and some extracts from a talk J. Lawrence Cook gave in Los Angeles at the 1972 annual convention of the Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association. There are numerous familiar photographs in the booklet, including the cover of the Cadence 10" LP that Lisa & I own.

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