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Last modified: Sunday, 14 August, 2016

Wherever we go we try always to take at least one camera and we shoot many rolls of film each year. Distilling these hundereds of photos down to just the most significant ones is quite a task, and one in which I'm always somewhat behind! Here, though, are a few selections from our recent photo albums:

Blooming Garden, June 2006 New!

Snettisham & Swaffham, July-August 2005

Burwell, July 2005

Matlock, September 2004

Liverpool, August 2004

Lisa & Anja in Skye, August 2004

Nice, March 2004

Paris, July 2002

My birthday, May 2002

PPG Annual Dinner, May 2002

Ireland, April 2000

Paris & Nice, March 2000

Cycle Camping in Rochester & Canterbury, September 1999

At home and abroad, 1998-1999

Our Wedding, October 1996

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